The Presence of the Past of Things / The Massachusetts Review

“The day after visiting them we received a card in which the old man thanked me for the Fontane book I’d bought in an antiques shop and given him the day before, in a perhaps antiquated gesture that I nonetheless found particularly moving (or perhaps it was its antiquated…

“Don’t Shed Your Tears For Anyone Who Lives On These Streets” / Excerpt

The following is an exclusive excerpt from Don’t Shed Your Tears For Anyone Who Lives On These Streets, by Patricio Pron and translated by Mara Faye Lethem. In Italy, 1945, at a conference supporting Fascism, a writer goes missing and is later found dead at the bottom of a…

Comienza a leer “Mañana tendremos otros nombres” / Adelanto

El adelanto de la novela puede leerse aquí.h Clarín. Buenos Aires, enero de 2019.

La Folha de S.Paulo publica un adelanto de «O Espíritu dos Meus Pais Continua a Subir na Chuva» / Brasil

Folha de S.Paulo, 28 de mayo de 2018.